With our consulting you gain optimization in administrative and operational processes of your international business. Global Sourcing consists in performing global quotation, focusing better suppliers fitting some requirements of deadlines and quality, not importation where its located. Global Sourcing is a term used to describe Strategic Sourcing in the global setting today. We use Global Sourcing to explore the overall efficiency in the delivery of a product or service. Global Sourcing is well allocated for the purchase of components from low value added (mainly commodity type items) and practiced most often by companies at lower levels of the supply chain. Sophisticated products require, in most cases, physical proximity between clients and suppliers for the provision of technical assistance if necessary.

Actions and Operational Consulting. What we do for your company:


- Identify potential buyers / suppliers in foreign markets;

- A framework for the export / import to national and international standards;

- Assist in the registration and accreditation of your company as an exporter / importer with DECEX / SECEX;

- Contact the prospective buyer / supplier and prepare a presentation of the company and the product, if any;

- Prepare the price FOB or FCA as basic (or INCOTERM the importer request);

- Negotiate a price FOB at the supplier, which is feasible;

- Issue and send the pro forma invoice to the importer analyze and confirm business; - Receive a pro forma invoice and apply possible corrections;

- Receive the formalization of business [order (Purchase Order)] by the importer;

- Register the Export / Import SISCOMEX (Integrated System of Foreign Trade);

- Hire company for international transport and national - Log customs clearance and comply with the procedures of order;

- Issue tax documents, commercial and financial (relating to Trading MX);

- Close the exchange of export / import bank authorizer (Stock Trading);

- Monitor the goods from their boarding to their final destination; - Receive / pay by Bank Trading in Brazil.

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