Always seeking suppliers in the Brazilian market to meet the demands of its international customers, offering the foreign importer greater security, agility and reliability. We make both Direct and Indirect Exports. We also have companies from the Foreign Trade area that meet the other needs of our customers with regard to freight and customs clearance.

- Direct Export
Export made by the manufacturer himself, where he invoices the merchandise on behalf of the buyer abroad, even if the sale was made through an agent or representative. The company does all the steps for exporting and therefore has to master the legal procedures as well as know the markets available for its products. Generally, it creates a specific department for the activity with personnel prepared to act on sales, freight, insurance and foreign exchange contracts.

-Indirect Export
The producer sells the goods to an intervener for the specific purpose of export and this operation must be mentioned in the Invoice. The transaction is made with tax suspension, but if the export is not actually carried out, the producer will have to collect the taxes. The intervener may be: - exclusively export trading company; - mixed activity (imports, exports and operates in the domestic market); - cooperative or consortium of producers or exporters; - an industrial company that operates commercially with third party products.

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