Import is the trade and tax process that consists of bringing a good, which can be a product or a service, from the outside to the country of reference. The procedure must be carried out via nationalization of the product or service, which occurs from bureaucratic procedures linked to the Revenue of the destination country, as well as customs, during unloading and delivery, which can be done by air, sea, road or Railway. When more than one type of transport is used for delivery, we call it multimodal transport. With MX Trading, the client counts on a full import advice on behalf of the client. MX Trading is responsible for all documentation and logistics until delivery at the customer's premises. Currently 20% of our imports are products that make up the mix of own brands and 80% are import operations by Account and Order of Third Parties.


 - Imports by Account and Third-Order
Imports account and order a third party is a service provided by one company - the importer - which promotes, on behalf of the customs clearance of imported goods purchased by another company - the buyer - because of previously signed contract, which may involve also other services related to business transaction, such as making Quoting prices and broker / dealer (art. 1 of IN SRF 225/02 and art. 12, § 1, I, of IN SRF 247/02 ). Thus, the import account and order, although the performance of the importing company can range from the simple execution of the order of import to the mediation of negotiation abroad, hiring of transport, insurance, among others, the importer is in fact the purchaser, the principal import, that effectively makes the goods come from other coun s, due to international purchasing, but in that case, do it via an intermediary - the importer on behalf of someone - that is a mere agent of the buyer. Ultimately, it is the buyer that the purchase consonance international and has the economic capacity to pay, through exchange, import. However, unlike what occurs in the import-demand, the currency exchange for the payment of import on account and order can be carried out on behalf of the importer or purchaser, as established by Regulation Foreign Exchange Market and International Capital (Updating - Title 1, Chapter 12, Section 2) of the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB). Thus, even if the importer on behalf and perform the payments to the foreign supplier, anticipated or not, does not characterize an operation on its own, but rather between the foreign exporter and the acquiring company, as that originate financeiros.adquirentes resources.(According to Article 1 of IN SRF 225/02 and art. 12, § 1, I, the SRF No. 247/02).
Source: Secretary of Federal Revenue in Brazil

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