Optimize the cost-benefit in all process (import and export).


To be reference as a great company in the international trade market.

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- Direct Export;
- Indirect Export;
- Promotional material circulation within Mercosur.

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- Imports by Account and Third-Order;
- NCM Analysis;
- Tax/Fiscal planning.

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EX Fees

The regime of ex-tariff is a mechanism for cost reduction in the purchase of capital goods (BK) and computer and telecommunication (BIT). He is the temporary reduction of import duty of goods (marked as BK and BIT, the Common External Tariff of Mercosur).

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Import products to benefit your exports. It consists of the suspension or elimination of taxes levied on imported products for use in your future exportation.

About our company

MX Trading is a commercial importer and exporter focused on the guideline of transparency and trust. We have been operating for 10 years in the market, in several segments, and we can provide all the tools for your company to become global. We provide the step by step of each process and a personalized service, ready to fit your business plan.

We have the know-how and the technical capacity to carry out international operations with great efficiency. We are a team formed by professionals experienced in various areas of Foreign Trade. Our goal is to increase the presence of Brazilian companies in the international scenario, as suppliers or buyers, optimizing the cost-benefit ratio in import and export processes.

"One hand to who wants to get in the business’s world, or to take your business to the world."

Our Services

Always seeking suppliers in the Brazilian market to meet the demands of its international customers, offering the foreign importer greater security, agility and reliability. We make both Direct and Indirect Exports.

With MX Trading, the client counts on a full import advice on behalf of the client. MX Trading is responsible for all documentation and logistics until delivery at the customer's premises.

With our consulting you gain optimization in administrative and operational processes of your international business. Global Sourcing consists in performing global quotation, focusing better suppliers fitting some requirements of deadlines and quality, not importation where its located.

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