Who we are?

MX Trading is a trading company that rose from the young and enterprising spirit of friends, aiming to be a tool to facilitate and enable international business. Always with the purpose of ethics, transparency and reliability, MX Trading has a team ready to serve you quickly and in a customized fashion. The dynamics of international markets requires knowledge and hard work and this is what MX Trading offers, from analysis of economic viability of their business to post-sale monitoring, seeking to constantly reduce the costs of the process. We offer the most diverse services for the success of its brand in the market-focus, realizing from the analysis of economic viability of its business until a follow-up of the after-sale, constantly seeking the reduction in the costs of the process. We are strategically situated on the route of ships to the main ports of Central America (approximately 8 days), North America (approximately 20 days) and Europe (approximately 15 days), as well as served by direct flights to Airports in Europe (approximately 10 Hours).

- Mission
Optimize the cost-benefit in all process (import & export).

- Vision
To be reference as a great company in the international trade market.

- Value
Commitment with the result;

- Core Competence
Marketing of Brazilian products worldwide;
Export agency;
Advice on trade.

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MX Trading
Fortaleza - CE - Brasil
Email: site@mxtrading.com.br