Below a few description of some of the services we may provide to your company.



- Determination of Economic Viability
A study is undertaken, where all internal and external factors are taken into consideration, in order to verify if the project (import or export) is viable. In the case of an import, all costs are calculated and a final value is projected. This is then compared with the costs of a national acquisition. In the case of export, studies are done from costs all the way to the destination market/target public, involving analysis of cultural, commercial, political and exchange factors.

- Tax/Fiscal planning
In an effort to reduce costs and improve liquidity and profitability, a study is undertaken together with a renounced fiscal/tax law office with the express intention of reducing the client company’s fiscal/tax costs. This way, actions can be programmed to turn the organization more profitable and improve liquidity.

- Customs clearance
Customs clearance is the fiscal procedure under which the merchandise is admitted. All information and data declared by the importer/exporter referring to the imported or exported merchandise is verified in detail. All merchandise which enters or leaves the country, definitively or temporarily, is subject to customs clearance. Customs clearance is processed via SISCOMEX.

-Temporary Admission
We offer total support in the process of temporary admission. If your company is receiving material from abroad for the event, if your company will be sending products or samples to an event, we handle the complete process of temporary admission, which is the customs regime which permits the temporary entry of certain merchandise for a predetermined period, with total or partial suspension of tax payments on your imports which you are obligated to re-export. This customs regime is regulated by the IN SRF no 285/03 and complementary laws which treat specific situations and which are designed for the temporary entry of: -goods destined for events of cultural, artistic, scientific, commercial or sporting nature, for assistance and salvage, for conditioning and transport of other goods and for experiments and tests, with a total suspension of taxes/duties; -Machinery and equipment for economic use (service provision or production of other goods), under operational leasing, rent or lending, with partial or total suspension of taxes/duties proportional to the time of permanence in the country; Goods destined to optimizing operations (assembly, renovation, reconditioning, fixing, restoration, among others, applied to the proper goods), with total suspension of taxes/duties.

- NCM Analysis
Every product is marketed in the international market, has a code. This code is known as No.. Covering the MERCOSUR, is known as NCM - Mercosul Common Nomenclature. It is through this code we get important information such as tax rates to be charged on import licensing is automatic or not automatic, among other. Tax Classification of goods is important not only to determine the taxes involved in the operations of importaçãoe export but for purposes of statistical control and determination ; the administrative processing required for a product. Analysis of NCM is a service that requires a deep knowledge and technique, because the risks and losses by an incorrect classification, are the most diverse, financially, commercially and administratively.

- Ex - Fees
The regime of ex-tariff is a mechanism for cost reduction in the purchase of capital goods (BK) and computer and telecommunication (BIT). He is the temporary reduction of import duty of goods (marked as BK and BIT, the Common External Tariff of Mercosur), when there is domestic production. The importance of this scheme consists of three key points: possible increase in technological innovation by companies from different segments of the economy - as recommended in the guidelines of the Industrial, Technological and Foreign Trade (PITCE); ensures a level of protection to the domestic capital goods, since it is paid only for goods that have no domestic; produces a multiplier effect on employment and income on different segments of the national economy. The award scheme is given by resolution of the Board of Trade (Camex) after consulting the Review Committee of Ex-Fare (Caex).

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